Why we’re here

We believe that the existing financial system is no longer fit for purpose, and that there is an opportunity to completely reinvent the way money works. This in turn will have an enormous, positive impact on billions of people’s lives. But there is a lot to do, and we can’t do it ourselves.


We realise there are many exceptional founders from all over the world, all on different journeys but ultimately working towards the same end goal:


To help build this new, better financial system.


And we’re here to support you on your journey.

Why us

As fintech founders and operators, we’ve shared a similar journey, and we know just how hard it gets. So everything we do is to make sure that the journey is lighter for you:


We like to move fast, let the founders get on with it without us interfering, and help when we’re asked.


We are different in that we: 


  • invest with permanent capital, which means we can truly support founders in the long run, without any interference from other investors
  • have experience building fintech/crypto businesses on five continents and many countries, with unique insights on both scaling global organisations and hyperlocalising them, often in very difficult markets 
  • have access to an incredibly broad global network in financial services, fintech and crypto, across everything from talent and investors to regulators and banks

Who we invest in

Who: We back ambitious founders, wanting to disrupt all of or some specific segment of financial services


Stage: We focus on the early stage and typically invest in pre-seed and seed rounds


Geographies: We are a global investor capitalising on Luno’s experience across 5 continents. We invest in both emerging and developed markets.


Sectors: We look at companies across the finance, metaverse, blockchain infrastructure and web3 spaces