Over the past 3 years, thousands of Oraan savers from 170+ cities have saved with Oraan to achieve their goals. They have travelled, studied, paid for their weddings, bought their first cars, paid off debt, and the list goes on.
Halima Iqbal of Oraan
As Africans, we’re often underestimated – told to wait for others to solve our problems. Get involved and let’s build something amazing on our terms!
Benjamin Fernandes of Nala
En route to mainstream finance, crypto must provide compliance infrastructure that accommodates financial confidentiality. We are building a blockchain native & privacy preserving compliance infrastructure for the defi future.
Dr Shlomit Azgad-Tromer of Sealance
I believe fintech and crypto technologies can have profound impacts on improving people’s lives around the world, but it requires careful thought on how to roll it out.
Pelle Braendgaard of Notabene

What we do

Luno Expeditions is a global early-stage investor that supports the top fintech and crypto founders on their journeys to build the next generation of financial services. We are successful fintech founders ourselves, have access to an unrivalled global fintech network, we move fast and invest with permanent capital which means we can truly support founders over the long term.


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